Celebrating Women’s History

Soar bannerWell, it is the last day of March, and I barely finished this post for Women’s History Month.

As women grow older in our society, they should be recognized and celebrated for the wisdom they bring to enrich the lives of those generations behind them. There are some basic truths about women, regardless of our age. We all desire to maximize our personal greatness: our unique gifts, talents, personality, abilities, goals and our dreams

I teach a class that consists of women ages 21 – 70+. Bringing these different generations together produces a forum for us to jointly improve, motivate and inspire each other. What an opportunity to galvanize the wisdom and leadership of career women, sisters, mothers and grandmothers to create transformational change in our lives and in the community.

I believe “older generation” is relative.

To a little girl, a teenager is someone to look up to. The more we live, the more we learn how to live. So the oldest among us knows first-hand what it is like to live through tragedies and triumphs, times of war and peace. Whether it is Biblical knowledge, insight on marriage and family, career experiences, financial strategies, etc., older women can offer great insight. They have learned that life goes on despite adversities, and are living testaments that one can survive through the good and bad.

The powerful voices and enormous sacrifices of women in our history speak loudly for us to hold on to our dreams during the storms and trials. Wonderful women are in our homes, at church and where we work. Let us strive to create opportunities for meaningful dialogue to learn all we can.

A son shared his story of how his mother taught them values. He said, “When most mothers were leaving money on the kitchen table for school lunch, our mother left our lunch money in the Bible, turned to the verse she wanted us to learn for the day. This made us strong.”

My 100 year old mother encourages the women coming after her to “…be faithful to where you are in life. And when the opportunity presents itself, I hope you find the inner strength and courage to step out and make your dream a reality.”

My sisters, keep learning and setting goals. Keep practicing and refining. Keep dreaming and pursuing. Most of all be ready when it is “your time.”

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