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Building On Your Legacy

Those who came before us leave the world we live in. Those who come after us will have only what we leave them. Each generation is a guardian of the world that was left to them, and has a responsibility

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Young Women Cultivating Leadership Habits

10 Highly Effective Leadership Habits of a Young Woman.  She… Embraces her uniqueness and positive identity Develops supportive relationships Empowers herself to grow Manages herself and her time wisely Sets expectations and challenges herself to be the best Believes in

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Celebrating Women’s History

Well, it is the last day of March, and I barely finished this post for Women’s History Month. As women grow older in our society, they should be recognized and celebrated for the wisdom they bring to enrich the lives

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Personal Greatness

I am sure most of you have had situations in your life that left you with sad memories. Not given a voice, your pent-up emotions can continue to build up on the inside. Then one day something so big could

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Turning Tragedy Into Outreach

What drives you to help others? Maybe like me, it’s a personal experience. I took a senseless tragedy and gave it meaning, so the death of my daughter would not be in vain. Early in my grief I asked a

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