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Helping Multi-Generational Women To Live In Their Personal Greatness. You Too Can Soar! ™

An Inspirational Speaker and Coach since 1994, Phyllis’ relaxed and friendly presentations, integrated with personal storytelling and thought-provoking activities are praised as refreshing, inspiring and transforming. Having taken her own personal journey, released her untapped potential and discovered her extraordinary, Phyllis inspires others to start their own journey and soar toward new heights.

“God has given you a gift that so few others have, and you have made wonderful contributions to this community. Thanks for always challenging us to do and be our best.”   Phyllis Davis, Faculty, Southwestern Christian College

The world is waiting for you to unleash your extraordinary and make a difference. You already have inside what You need to be successful! Phyllis’ Change Model will challenge you to:

  • Find the “real you” to develop and nurture your personal brand
  • Participate in self-reflection to figure out your WHY
  • Connect the dots to clarify where you are in life
  • Set passionate goals to move forward and get what you truly want
  • Create incremental steps to cultivate amazing results: your personal greatness

 A PERSONAL JOURNEY: Twelve Stages To Becoming A Life Manager
Phyllis facilitates one’s personal journey with RESPECT: Realizations, Encouragement, Spirituality, Purpose, Empowerment, Courage, and the will to Thrive. She uses her book, A Personal Journey, to demonstrate how following a pathway through grief can eventually lead to personal growth.

A Personal Journey is studded with gems of wisdom for all those facing life’s greatest challenges and looking for strategies to survive, cope and eventually to thrive.” Kelly Wittmann, CBC
 “The book is insightful and thought-provoking; many readers may start on their own soul-searching journey.” Cheryl Smith, Dallas Weekly

LET GO TO HOLD ON: Clearing A Path For Personal Freedom
Phyllis offers a clear and powerful look at the key attributes of Let Go and Hold On, a courageous and complementary duo that gives meaning to life. Thought-provoking dialogue, along with concrete actions and perspectives can begin to move you toward greater personal empowerment. The flow of life is a divine process that gives and takes, teaches and creates. It consists of the past and the future, both can be held together in one healthy embrace.

THE POWER OF ASKING “WHY”: Unleashing The Extraordinary
Phyllis promotes inner strength by exploring the power of asking why, a simple question that strongly influenced her choices in response to a defining moment. Asking why is one of the most powerful tools you can use to inspire action and motivate commitment. It can invigorate you to achieve the impossible and spur you to become extraordinary. Everyone can benefit from this unique workshop.

REAL LIFE REFRESHMENT-TEA & DIALOGUE: The Power Of Conversation To Relax – Renew – Recharge
Phyllis uses small group conversations in an informal setting as a positive technique to relax, renew and recharge life. Women fellowship with other women for tea and dialogue, and in the process, they strengthen their body, spirit and soul. …whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. (Proverbs 11:25)

COURAGE IN LEADERSHIP: Having A Dream And The Courage To Act On It
Phyllis encourages going for and getting what you want. You might be stalled in your pursuit of an important goal. Or maybe you have difficulty standing strong for what you want. Through storytelling, Phyllis shares how she achieved her dream of starting a non-profit. She will ignite your courage to proactively navigate your pursuit. You will leave inspired, powerful and ready to take action and conquer the challenges before you.

LEADERSHIP ACADEMY: Inspiring Potential and Developing Leaders
Phyllis inspires girls to reach their full potential and develop their leadership skills with annual Workshops and Academic Scholarships. Successful women leaders with amazing life stories of perseverance and overcoming adversity will share their pathway to inspire girls to hold on and make good choices. Scholarships will be awarded by the selection committee.

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