Program Development

Want to help young women get the chance they deserve?  Want to engage your group in making a difference?  We can help you build a leadership program to achieve these goals!

LKB is an established and well respected organization experienced in creating and delivering programs to develop the leadership potential of girls.  We have achieved positive results in such areas as enhanced school attendance, student grades, confidence and ability to relate to others, life and decision-making skills, goal-setting, and enhanced positive behavior.

Onsite Consulting Services

Phyllis Bedford, Founder and CEO of  LKB,  brings her expertise on location to help schools and other organizations launch and/or strengthen initiatives.   She has 20 years of corporate experience in Human Resources and Communications; and 20 years of leadership experience in non-profit management and program development.  She is qualified in structuring and implementing programs, writing curriculums, recruiting students and training the trainers.

Evidence-Based Program Design
Phyllis started with a vision.  Determined to carry it through, she formed an advisory team and turned her vision into reality.  The outcome gave birth to Building Block sessions for girls to transition from 4th – 12th grade.

Using the evidence-based leadership academy as a model, Phyllis gives you the tools to design your very own program to meet the specific needs of your participants.  The “How To’s” will include:

  • Structure – Setting up the program
  • Content – Selecting topics and activities
  • Recruiting – Identifying the participants
  • Training – Preparing people resources
  • Monitoring – Tracking what and who
  • Evaluation – Assessing effectiveness
  • Tools – Choosing examples to adapt

 “Numbers indicate that 98% of LKB program graduates finished high school without becoming teen mothers; and enrolled in college, trade school, or the military.”

“How To” Highlights

Career Preparatory Experiences: Phyllis will show you how to strengthen effectiveness in using hands-on experiences and career training to stimulate students’ learning and build personal competencies for the workplace.  “Highlights of LKB’s Network of Professional Women will demonstrate the value of preparation in: public speaking, personal branding, elevator speech, networking opportunities, and work experiences.”

Connecting Project Activities: Phyllis will demonstrate how to integrate service learning projects with the core education and program curriculum. This was a fun way to optimize the learning experience and foster leadership skills.   “The documentary project taught me the importance of teamwork, to be more responsible and to strive for nothing but the best.” – LKB Student Project Coordinator

Gender Specific Research/Analogy: Phyllis will highlight the value in listening to what girls have to say, by disclosing results from the  Speak 2B Heard Forum for middle school girls – a collaboration with Dallas County Community College District. Texas A&M-Commerce analyzed the responses and applauded the forum as a model for developing girls’ self-identity, self-efficacy and self-esteem.

Productions by Teens for Teens: Phyllis will illustrate the importance of an affirming atmosphere that allows girls to harness and showcase their talents, creativity and leadership.  She will refer to LKB’s Shattering Stereotypes of Teenage Girls Documentary, featuring leadership academy students and several community leaders; and Fed Up, a play written and produced by students.

Mentoring Program: Phyllis will explain the components of an effective mentoring Program, by using the LKB Professional Women’s Network as an example.  This was a group of professionals whose major responsibility was mentoring young women in the LKB Leadership Academy.

Incentive and Scholarship Programs: Phyllis will prove that awards and incentives are effective tools to keep participants engaged.  LKB used incentives such as Award Banquets, graduation trophies and certificates, Mother/Daughter Brunch, Father Daughter Dance, and much more.  LKB awarded thousands of $’s in scholarships to young women to give them a jump-start to attend the college of their choice.

Implementation – evaluation – follow-up: Phyllis will provide opportunities to practice presenting sessions, sample tools to monitor implementation, evaluate program effects, and follow-up with any improvement recommendations. “Phyllis brings to the table, effective evaluation experiences, resources, and tools applied in evaluating initiatives within LKB.”

Our Credentials

We conducted leadership programs, and special events for Dallas ISD, Cedar Hill ISD, Dallas County Community College District, recreation centers, churches and other organizations from 1994 – 2014.  We continue to award scholarships.

Scholarship Awards
For deserving high school graduates

Building Block Leadership Academies
– El Centro College – Saturday Leadership Academy
– El Centro West Campus – Saturday Leadership Academy
– Women’s Museum – Saturday Leadership Academy
– Cedar Hill Collegiate High School – During School Leadership Academy
– Woodrow Wilson High School – During School Leadership Academy
– Albert Sydney Johnston – During School Leadership Academy
– Roosevelt High School – After School Leadership Academy
– Burleson Elementary School – After School Leadership Academy
– Dallas Community Youth Development Program
– Whitney Young Elementary School – During School Leadership Academy
– O. W. Holmes Middle School – After School Leadership Academy
– Paul Laurence Dunbar Library – After School

Summer Camps
– Paul Laurence Dunbar Library – Summer Image Camp
– J. C. Phelps Recreation Center – Summer Discovery Camp
– Cummings Recreation Center – Summer Discovery Camp
– Eloise Lundy Recreation Center – Summer Program
– Spruce High School – Summer Leadership Program

Financial Workshops
Presented at the above leadership academies; additionally: St. Philips – Delta Sigma Theta – Hillcrest,   Carter and Kimball High Schools – Harrell Budd Elementary

Special Events
– Teen Summits: By Teens For Teens
– Women’s Intergenerational Summit
– Young Women’s Leadership Conference
– Service Learning Projects
– Speak 2B Heard Forum and Report Analysis
– Shattering Stereotypes Documentary
– Play Production: Fed Up
– LESLIE Leadership Pageant (Ladies Exemplifying Strong Leadership In Excellence)
– LESLIE Award Program
– Mother Daughter Brunch
– Father Daughter Dance
– Father Daughter Forum