Our Mission

Graduating classMission
LKB provides consulting and training services for building leadership programs and tips and tools for young women to live purposeful and well-rounded lives.

Using the LKB Leadership programs model, we offer training methods and techniques, key components and processes that schools and other organizations can employ in establishing or strengthening their own girls’ leadership programs.

Who We Are
Founded in 1994, LKB has over two decades of hands-on experience in designing and delivering innovative programs and services that inspire potential and develop the leadership abilities of young women.  Our toolkit is filled with information, tools and examples gleaned from over 20 years of successful programming, such as:

  • 75216 Initiative: Whitney Young Elementary, O. W. Holmes Middle School
  • 21st Century Initiative: Maple Lawn Elementary, T. J. Rusk Middle School, and Roosevelt High School,
  • Leadership Academies at Cedar Hill Collegiate High School, El Centro Community College, the Women’s Museum and Woodrow Wilson High School
  • Summer Camps at various schools and recreation centers
  • Teen Summits – El Centro College and the Women’s Museum
  • LKB Professional Women’s Network
  • LESLIE Awards (Ladies Exemplifying Strong Leadership In Excellence)
  • Academic Scholarships to attend college of choice
  • Award Banquets for Academy Graduates/Scholarship Winners

What We Do
We advocate programs that ensure each girl, in each school, in each community has equitable opportunities to enrich her innate abilities.

 LKB’s Consulting and Training Services is essential to the way educators and other youth professionals design and implement leadership enrichment programs. By taking advantage of these resources, organizations can build their own programs to help young women strive for academic success and graduate high school as problem solvers and critical and creative thinkers who are resilient, strong, culturally competent, and able to work collaboratively.

LKB’s training and consulting services focus on the following areas and more:

  • Program Structure and Content
  • Training the Trainers to Prepare people resources
  • Program Monitoring and Evaluation Strategies

Tips and Tools in the You Too Can Soar Blog, published by Phyllis Bedford, President, Speaker and Author, empower young women to live their dreams. She educates them, in her blog, to improve their status in society to help learn:

  1. How to develop self-confidence to improve themselves, their communities and the world.
  2. How to take responsibility for their own lives through taking care of their health, protecting themselves from threats to their safety, and taking charge of their finances.
  3. How to connect with a supportive network of women leaders of all ages to receive guidance, advance careers, and nurture one another.

LKB publishes newsletters and books, provides keynotes, publishes research results, and facilitates networking among women devoted to changing the world.

What Makes LKB Unique?
LKB knows that learning to lead from the inside out is the core of leadership development.  LKB’s Building Block Concept is a prototype for how girls can transition from one phase to another, and learn to navigate their growth in self-definition, self-esteem, self-confidence and leadership. LKB’s focus on relationship building with the girls and their families resulted in a high percentage of girls staying in the program, graduating high school without becoming teenage mothers and continuing with higher learning.

Ten Highly Effective Habits of young leaders…

  • Embraces her unique and positive identity
  • Develops supportive relationships
  • Empowers herself to grow
  • Manages herself and her time wisely
  • Sets expectations and challenges herself to be the best
  • Believes in and stays committed to her core values
  • Gets involved in her community
  • Takes advantage of opportunities and experiences
  • Develops and practices effective communication skills
  • Creates and follows her personal development plan

Let LKB help you design a program at your school and see the positive results!